Poodle quite picky eaters. They often suffer from diseases of the digestive tract. So the diet for them is something you should be top of mind before deciding to adopt a poodle, especially puppies.

Do not give poodle too much milk. Milk should be a snack and drink once a day. Milk is very good, but the poodle’s intestinal tract is poor, drinking more prone to abdominal pain.

Drinking water must always be available in the tray. Change the water 3 times / day, do not let the water dirty or dust. Feed poodle on time, evenly feeding it. Avoid the situation that the meals are cumulative, the meals are sparse, not good for their digestive system.

Absolutely not give poodle hard bones, especially the poodle. Fish should feed the bones, it is easier to remove bones than pork bones. Adult poodle dogs also only eat soft bones like cartilage, ribs, …

After each meal should clean the tray. Do not let this meal overlap the other meal. The food must not be too hot or too cold. Animal organs should also not be fed too much.

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