The strong points of concrete drilling and cutting service in Tay Ninh

1. We are a leader in the field of concrete drilling and cutting.

2. A large team of highly specialized staff, many years of experience in concrete cutting.

3. Courtesy working, positive, careful and meticulous in construction works.

4. The unit always imports new modern machines to keep up with market trends.

5. Construction fast, professional and especially very safe.

6. We are available 24/7, not far away.

6. You always feel secure with the price and quality of services we provide.

You are in need of dismantling works, drilling and cutting types … please contact us for the best service.

Outside Tay Ninh, Hung Vy concrete demolition provides services in all districts of Tay Ninh City and southern provinces.

Contact hotline: 0961 946 987 – 0931 341 567

Why should you choose to drill concrete cutting Tay Ninh.

Due to the increasing demand for drilling and dismantling of works, there is an expansion of concrete drilling services, but the quality and price are very different.

Concrete drilling in Tay Ninh is the standard unit in concrete drilling, demolition, demolition works with the lowest price and the best service.

You are wondering about which concrete cutting unit to choose, please rest assured and call us. Concrete drilling in Tay Ninh is committed to prestige – cheap price – best quality.

We create prosperity for you, dismantling the old so that new good things come into being.

Drilling and cutting concrete in Tay Ninh

Tay Ninh concrete drilling and drilling service receives construction services for all large and small projects, in the province of Tay Ninh. Professional, reputable, fast and efficient, 24/24 service, reasonable price. Contact us if you have any questions . For the earliest support.

Quality drilling in Tay Ninh creates credibility

Tphcm concrete drilling and drilling is currently the leading unit in all industries.

Our unit is equipped with the most complete machines, serving all difficulty levels and construction site depths.

By the enthusiasm of the young team, dedicated to the job is always meticulously careful in each construction step, ensuring the completion of the project on schedule with the highest quality.

Let us accompany you on every project.

Services of Tay Ninh concrete cutting and drilling successfully completed:

– Concrete cutting drilling: planting hole drilling, technical hole drilling, anchor hole ..

– Demolition of old professional construction works and clean sanitation.

– Get leveling, foundation excavation of construction projects with advanced technology machines

In addition, khoan cắt bê tông tây ninh unit also accepts trainees to improve their skills and skills.

– Drilling with concrete core with many sizes of different sizes.

– Cutting concrete with specialized equipment in construction.

– Perform road, concrete and water cut.

– Chisel concrete floor, chisel the factory floor with vibrator.


Refer to the content : khoan cắt bê tông tây ninh

Process of cutting and cutting concrete Tay Ninh standards:

– Receive information from customers.

– Acceptance of the project, if there is any change from the customer, our unit will resolve.

– Handover of works and payment.

– Surveying works and quotes for customers.

– Deploying equipment, preparing for construction.

We update new, dare to change old ones to best serve our customers. Providing the best Tay Ninh concrete cutting drilling service in the market.

Why should we choose Hung Vy’s concrete cutting service in Tay Ninh?

– The most modern machine system, bringing the best construction quality.

– Execute the fastest, ensure the construction progress for customers.

khoan cắt bê tông tây ninh

– Team of workers, engineers with professional experience for many years.

– The most competitive price on the market.

– 24/7 customer service time.

– As the first unit providing concrete cutting and drilling services, with 20 years of experience.

– Being the only provider of khoan cắt bê tông tây ninh services in the southern region.

– Commitment to construction without vibration, noise and hygiene.

– The most optimal construction plan for all projects, all terrain.

Carry out construction of all difficult projects, regardless of weather conditions.

– Clear and detailed construction process.

– The contract does not have any problems.

– Equipment to ensure work progress is pushed up.

– Friendly service style.

– The price list must be clear and public.